You and Your Body

Even if you know that you can improve your health and reduce the risk of certain diseases, will you lose that little weight?

Well, experts say that's true. It is estimated that there are 72 million obese people in the United States, and about one-third are overweight, and a new campaign called "Your Weight Matters" aims to do something new without bothering anyone with diseases like diabetes and hypertension, Blood and sleep apnea.

"The goal is to encourage a serious conversation between patients and healthcare providers," explains Joe Nadlowski, president and CEO of the Campaign for Obesity Association (OAC). " Unfortunately, such regular conversations rarely occur now."

Specifically, the OAC encourages people to evaluate the challenges of the campaign and meet the challenge by keeping an online promise to talk to the health care providers about the results.

There are four main categories used by health professionals to measure "normal", "overweight", "obesity" and "obesity" which provide people with detailed punderstanding of their effects.

This weight tool provided by IY cosmetics helps score your BMI and also help you to plan your diets.

Well, first of all, it is a free toolkit which  provides useful information on things like proper nutrition, emotional issues, wellness tips, weight loss options, and their benefits.

Second, this is probably the most accurate weight tool    with helpful resources attached to it. This helps you to keep your doctor's phone number out of speed dial since talking to a first health care provider can sometimes be daunting, money and time consuming.

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