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Time of the year everyone fears: influenza season. Last season, more than 900,000 people were hospitalized due to the flu or flu complications, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

People over 65 have an increased risk of these complications, which represents approximately 85 percent of seasonal flu-related deaths and hospitalization last year.

Preventive measures have been taken, according to Home's research. Here are some tips to avoid the risk of influenza: *

Consider an influenza vaccine for your child. If you choose to get a flu shot, the best time to get vaccinated is to have the flu season in full swing. For better protection, the vaccine should not be limited only to children but also adults.

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Caregivers and family members should also stay healthy to protect their older loved ones. * Take daily preventive measures. It may seem simple, but washing your hands and avoiding patients can be very useful.

The CDC lists seven healthy habits to stop germs, including not touching your eyes, nose or mouth and properly sterilizing. * Encourage physical activity for those who can. According to Harvard Health, moderate exercise stimulates the immune system and can reduce the risk of colds. Even in severe winter temperatures, activities such as walking in a community entertainment center or simple strength exercises at home, using household items and body weight, can increase immunity. * Attention to signs and symptoms: Consult your loved ones often. Pay close attention to symptoms and changes in their appearance or behavior. Encourage regular visits to the doctor to help prevent minor symptoms from becoming more serious problems. It is important to know all the symptoms of influenza and receive treatment as soon as possible. * Take extra precautions to avoid hospitalization. Simple steps, such as recognizing the symptoms of the disease when they first appear, reducing the risk of falling at home and maintaining a healthy diet, can have a significant impact on the protection of the elderly from hospital treatment and more infections

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