Safeguard Your Jewelry on Summer Vacation
Is there a natural enmity between jewelry and its own?

This sounds real because most expensive pieces of jewelry hardly finish their lifetime on their real owners' hands. And this loss is not through gift, inheritance or the owner decided to sell the jewelry, but through unknown ways especially when traveling.

In fact, Jewellers association conducted a recent survey on the travel  loss or theft of jewelry and found that the number of jewelry losses, based on survey responses, has doubled compared to its 2015 survey.

"About 40 percent of consumers suffer from devastation or exposure to a significant emotional level of lost jewelry," said Don Elliott, Manager at Jewellers.

Avoid becoming a holiday victim with these six travel tips from new Jewellers association Travel Guide:

* Take pictures of items before your trip in case you need to report to the police.
* Avoid posting pictures of your jewelry on your site or social networks.
* Leave jewelry while swimming.
* Wear or tamper with jewelry in a handbag.
* Place necklaces and watches under your neck and cuffs when in dangerous areas.
* Keep necklaces safe and tangled in your bag by passing them through the straw. Tie the earrings to an extra button to keep them together.

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